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Frets & Tech

Vibrocaster offers a few limited tech services, including high quality fret dressing. With many guitars needing a level, crown and polish when they arrive here, we're suited and booted to make guitars play their very best and happy to offer this as a service to your own instrument. If you're comfortable setting up your own guitar, feel free to send your neck or guitar for our value service.


Fret Dressing

Value: Level, crown, polish (no set up or reassembly) - £85

Standard: Level, crown, polish, reassembly set up and restring - £120


Value set up: String height, neck relief, intonation. - £40

Full set up & MOT: String height, string change, neck relief, intonation, high gloss fret polish, electrics clean, fretboard conditioned (non laquered) - £55

Pickup change: (2-3) - £25

Electronics repair & modifications e.g pots, switches, push/pulls - Please email

Local collection from Malton, North Yorkshire preferred but return shipping can be arrange for a cost of £14 per guitar (£8 for a neck or body)

We do not currently offer refrets, finishing work or structural repairs. Please get in touch for local luthier recommendations.

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