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Hi guys, my name is Alex Hamilton and I love guitars. I'm a blues-rock guitarist originally from Scotland, now residing in North Yorkshire. The idea for Vibrocaster came about in the lockdown of 2020. With no gigs or teaching jobs going,  I decided to start selling my own surplus of guitars to keep afloat, i realised quite quickly that i had a bit of a knack for it. Shortly after lockdown i knew this could be the start of something  wonderful. A new business that would provide a stable source of income to supplement my gigs and tours, while also feeding the constant urge to buy more sh*t in the hope it'll eliminate the need for practice (It doesn't but hell, i'll keep trying). 

I now work from my office in North Yorkshire with a small workshop allowing me to repair and maintain my own guitars as well as offering these services to other people. Whether i'm restoring a rusty vintage guitar to former glory, unboxing a new R9 with a ludicrous top or getting a phone call from customer telling me their over the moon with their new guitar, it's safe to say i absolutely love this job. 

The Alex Hamilton Band have been on the Blues Rock scene for over a decade. Winning awards, and touring across the world they've built quite a name for themselves. With reguar shows up and down the country be sure to catch them live. For more information please check out 

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