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Venus Witch Inductor - 'Occult Wah Tone Repro' Clyde McCoy Halo

So you've bought a really nice Clyde clone, it looks nice inside, all the right looking parts... but there's something missing. It doesn't have that wonderful airy tone and liquid feel under foot. It might be missing that throaty mid range on the heel. Maybe the top end is a little harsh? It's just not quite there but you don't know why. Let me tell you why...

It's all about the inductor. Where most wah builders fall short is using modern repro inductors (sabbadius, arteffect, Eleca) all with modern ferrite cores. Even attempts at rewinding will always fall short. This is where Venus Witch comes in. Steve at Venus Witch FX has put more into building an authentic sounding halo inductor than anyone else on the planet. Built with the same NOS ferrite cores you'd find in the originals and would to the right spec, no other inductor will get you as close to authentic, vintage wah tone.

Only available separately for a short period of time, these inductors can no longer be purchased individually. With Venus Witch wahs only being made in limited numbers each year and second hand ones selling for up to £1500, this is the only other way to find out what all the hype is about. Believe me, once you've had a taste of the occult wah tone... there's no going back.

£275 - Price includes shipping anywhere in the U.K

Vibrocaster is a online buisness based in North Yorkshire specialising in high quality second hand guitars & effects. With many years experience buying & selling musical instruments to thousands of happy customers, rest assured you're in safe hands. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.


Venus Witch Inductor - 'Occult Wah Tone Repro' Clyde McCoy Halo

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