Sunbear Pickups are quickly gaining notoriety as an independent British manufacturer providing next level tone and attention to detail. With builders such as Ivison Guitars and Patrick James Eggle using them in their guitars, the word is spreading fast and Sunbear's dedication to customer satisfaction is paying off.

From phenomenonal P.A.F repros offering unmatched clarity, a very addictive 3D quality and consistency far surpassing the originals, to lightly potted scatterwound singles breathing life into a Strat or Tele, Sunbear have never failed to raise a smile when that first chord is strummed. We are honoured to now be an authorised Sunbear retailer and will be offering a few hand selected sets that are all custom wound for Vibrocaster.

The AIV Strat Sets are custom made for Vibrocaster as a compromise between the sweet top end of Alnico III and the clarity and Punch of Alnico V. Perfectly balanced with exceptional detail and 3D tone, this is the set i have in my own personal Strat. They're a match made in heaven. *Strat not included, sorry ;)*

***In stock and ready to ship, skip the 14-20 day build time!***

New! Sunbear Pickups Custom Alnico IV Stratocaster Set White Aged *Custom Wound*