Fender '65RI Super Reverb Rift PTP Wired/Rebuilt w Cezar Diaz Mods SRV Tone 4x10 Amp

Up for sale is my main amp of the last few years, a 65 reissue super that's had the internals completely rebuild by Chris at Rift Amplification. He's done an impeccable job and included a list of mods that i wanted. Taking ideas from the mods Cezar Diaz did to Stevie's Fender amps, this is a tight, punchy and fast responding amp with amazing head room and sustain. It really is Stevie in a box and sounds unlike any reissue out there.

- Filter caps have been beefed up to 220s and it's set up with a solid state rectifier for better sustain, fast response and tight low end.
- Input 2 on the vibrato channel is now half way between stock 1&2 (another diaz mod) for a more usable sound. Input 1 is stock.
-5751 in V2 for more preamp headroom (another diaz mod)
-The bright cap has been changed from a .120 to a .47 value, the same as youd find in a deluxe reverb. This makes the bright switch much more usable.
- WGS Veteran 10 speaker have replaced the stock jensens. They eliminate the fizz that Jensens have when presented with overdrive and don't collapse at gig volume like the small alnico mags do.
- Cosmetics wise, the tilt back legs have been removed to curb down weight. A few scuffs and digns to tolex and faceplate, it has been a gigging amp.

Super reverb Reissues are over £2000 new now, and i paid £1050 to have it rebuild by Rift.

I'm asking £2000 ovbo. Collection and Cash or Bank Transfer ONLY. Please email for enquiries. 



Fender '65RI Super Reverb Rift PTP Wired/Rebuilt w Cezar Diaz Mods SRV Tone 4x10